Cairo Moon
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Al Qahwa’s first album The Coffee House:

Maryem and Ernie Tollar’s 2009 Juno nominated CD Cairo to Toronto, featuring Alfred Gamil and Mohamed Aly:

  1. The Dream - Il Hilm lyrics by E. Lotayef, music by M. Tollar
  2. Little Lamb lyrics by W. Blake, music by E. Tollar
  3. Blood - Iddam lyrics by E. Lotayef, music by M. Tollar
  4. Sama'i Blues music by A. Gamil
  5. You and I - Ana Wenta lyrics by M. Shinawi, music by F. Al-Atrash
  6. Beloved Mother - Sitt Il Habayib lyrics by H. Sayyed, music by M. Abdul Wahab
  7. Memories - Zikrayati music by M. El-Qasabgi
  8. Taksim Rast clarinet improvisation by M. Sukar
  9. Cairo - Al Qahira lyrics by M. Tollar, music by D. Petsalakis
  10. Full Moon Prayer lyrics and music by E. Tollar
  11. Sing to Me - Ghannili lyrics by M. B. El-Tunsi, music by Z. Ahmad
  12. Wanderer - Sawwah lyrics by M. Hamza, music by B. Hamdi
  13. The Beautiful One - Il Helwa Di by S. Darwish
  14. The Nightingale - Il Bulbul traditional