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“Weyn Allah” CD Design

Cynthia French

One Girl

“African Routes” CD Design
Yesim Tosuner

Band Photos 

Cathy Ord
Cylla Von Tiedemann (Home Page and Performances Page)

Jeff Fasano (About Page)

Africa Photos

1. Album Cover & Music page: “Old Cairo on the banks of the Nile. Egypt” (Between 1950 and 1977)
2. Contact Page: “Meeting of White and Blue Nile. Khartoum, Sudan” (1936)
3. Gallery Page: “Royal Pyramids of Napata. Nuri, Sudan” (2017) by Hans Birger Nilsen
1 & 2 are retrieved from the Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Washington, from the Matson (G. Eric and Edith) Photograph Collection. 


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